Monday, April 25, 2016

Class Assignments

Class Assignments
  1)     Class attendance and participation (10%).
         Attendance is mandatory the first week of class and required 7 other days (see class outline).
  2)      Film Reviews (60%)
        Six films will be shown in class on the assigned days. Students can either watch the film in class     or on their own. The reviews will be graded on the degree to which the reviewer is able to discuss the accuracies and inaccuracies of the portrayal of mental illness in the film. Reviews must be typed double spaced and e-mailed to me in Word. No other format allowed. Reviews not received by deadline will be penalized 5 points for each delayed day up to six days & if not received by that point will automatically be counted as zero. 
   3)      Group Projects (30%)
         Teams of 3 students (selected randomly) will select any film they choose and have 45 minutes of class time to present and critique clips from the film. Group members will be required to grade each other’s contributions and turn in their evaluations the day of the presentation.

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